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Here are some sample thank you notes from our recent Brisbane Amazing Race clients.  We have literally 1,000’s of similar notes, please call us if you would like to see any more.

Hi Jane,

Thanks so much for sending through the photos, I have had staff asking me all day when they could see them.

It was such a great event, the team had an awesome time and gave me super positive feedback. They can be a tough crowd at times, but there was not a single negative comment, they all loved it.

Thank you so much for all of your help, I know I was very disorganised the last day before the event and bombarded you with phone calls. Tia and her team were great on the day, very professional and helpful, they had their work cut out for them with such a big and very competitive group and they handled it brilliantly.

Thank you so much for everything.

Kind Regards, Lisa

Lisa Hilton

April 2016, Neto

Hi Jane,  I have some feedback on our event –  it was really great, all participants had a great time, and it was a great intro to Brisbane both for our local team and our international visitors.   It was a nice mix of fun, challenge and competition!   Some of our teams had way too much fun!!!

We all got to know each other better,  so a good team bonding experience!     The facilitators were really great and the whole event, the meet up and meal at the Ship Inn went off absolutely smoothly, so a great recommendation!

I cannot wait to see the photos!!

Thanks, Hazel

Hazel Rudolph

November 2016, Sanofi

Hi Jane,

We got some great feedback from the team following the event on Friday – everyone really enjoyed themselves and as you mentioned, the weather was perfect so it was a good time to be out of the office.

Tia and the team were really well organized and were always ready for us as we rolled up to the next checkpoint. Everything ran really smoothly.

Also, thanks for sending the link to the photos through!

Regards, Rob

Rob Scadden

June 2016, Origin Energy

Hi Cate,

A huge thank you from our team to yours! Our team thoroughly enjoyed themselves as the photos clearly show 🙂

The teams bonded and everyone worked very together well…all though some teams cheated…LOL.     It was fantastic for team building and everyone kept on talking about it last week.

Thank you to you and your team!

Regards, Wendy

Wendy Esplin

Marketing & HR Manager - January 2016, Laticrete

Dear Jane,

My staff are the “back office attention-to-detail” people and that was pretty evident in their approach.  They are a good bunch and I had the opportunity to get to know some of them a little better today (I’ve only been managing them for 10 months).

It was interesting to see younger members taking the lead and the usual workplace leaders happy to follow for a change.  We had a lot of fun and the rain didn’t bother us.

Thanks for a great day and to Tia and her offsider thanks also!

God bless, Sally Davis

Sally Davis

September 2016, Scripture Union Queensland


Thank you so much, we enjoyed the day and thought Tia and her helper were great and easy to work with, so thank you so much. Photos are great thanks for the link.

I would highly recommend it to other departments in my organisations and even other organisations that I work and have contact with.

Thanks again,  Justin Tye | Head of Partnerships

Justin Tye

Head of Partnerships - October 2016, SU Qld

Hi Jane

Thanks so much for a fabulous event.

Please pass on our thanks to Tia and Anna!  We all had an absolute blast.

I’m sharing the Dropbox with the team right now and will collect any feedback from them as well.

Thanks again, Ingrid

Ingrid Fennessy

Start Smart QLD State Leader - January 2016, Commonwealth Bank Australia

Thanks Jane, it was great!

Anna was fabulous!   Overall everyone had a great time (and wow it was hot) we loved the activities and the trophies! Thanks also for the speedy distribution of the photos.

Also, are you able to send us through the final scorecard by round? (A few people have asked).

Many thanks Jane, you were most helpful and accommodating throughout.

Cheers, Leah

Leah Beadman

Strategy Director - October 2016, Carat


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