Risk Assessment

Your Safety is of Critical Importance at Corporate Amazing Race

1.  Insurance:

Brisbane Amazing Race are fully insured for all our activities, with $20 million public liability insurance.

Our legal advice has indicated that should any injuries occur in the natural course of the event, your group are covered by their existing Workcover workers compensation provisions.

2. Safety:

Safety of participants & staff is of paramount importance at Amazing Race events, we take every step necessary to ensure everyone is safe and gets the maximum enjoyment from our events.

For events such as the Amazing Race we are unable to carry extra water, sun hats or rain ponchos so we ask that participants bring water and come prepared for either sun or rain, unfortunately. We recommend that anyone who may require medication has it with them. (*eg asthma, diabetes, epi-pen, epilepsy)

3. Fitness:

The race is not especially physically challenging and has been enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Anyone with concerns should know that at least an hour of walking is involved, though there are opportunities to sit down at various checkpoints.

4. First Aid:

Our staff have compact first aid kits, including band aids and aspirin. All staff carry mobile phones and all the courses are accessible by emergency services.

5. Briefing:

During the group briefing, we ask teams to complete the event at a comfortable pace and not to over exert. In most of our events we make it a rule for teams to stay together at all times.

6. Contact Numbers:

All checkpoints are staffed and teams have a mobile number for any problems that arise. Before heading off, our staff ask for a contact number for each team.

7. Psychological Comfort:

Participants are always given a choice regarding tasks and no one is forced to do anything they may be uncomfortable with.

8. Special Needs:

For the Amazing Race, if the group has some less active or injured people we can take them to a half way point or send them directly to the finish point. There are some opportunities to rest in the shade throughout the race.
We have previously prepared a Detailed Risk Assessment of Amazing Race Activities. Download an excel version this document using this hyperlink.

Download Excel Version of an SWMS – Detailed Risk Assessment